Music is life, share it with friends!

I've always wanted to perform and be part of a creative community.  And I know that it's never too late to begin anything that you want to do....

I like to think of myself as a singer/songwriterI'm a lucky member of John Smith's Esalen Songwriter's Tribe, and I've honed my guitar & vocals with JohnnyLuv, Wendy Woo, Kristen Paige and Christine Alice.  

I lived in Los Angeles in my early adulthood and I bought a Pearl drum set at a garage sale.  Drums have been around for awhile in my life but never center stage.  I had fun playing around with beats and would watch the drummer at music concerts and try to take some syncopation sequence home with me and try to duplicate it.  But......I never played with other musicians.  I guess I thought it was just a solo hobby for me.  Fast forward to late spring of 2022.  The legendary Wendy Woo asked me to play drums for a gig.  Her other drummers were busy.... So I just said, "Sure!" and freaked out behind closed doors.  I spent the day before the gig playing every possible recording of the songs on the set list and then figured I'd do that 'wing and a prayer' thing and just let the adventure unfold.  The rest is history and keyboardist Gus Hagerdorn and bassist Jason Basner were the best two people I could have been thrown in with....along with Wendy Woo, of course!

 I've met so many talented people since then and I truly feel like I am living the rockstar dream!

So many musician friends have had life changing affects on me with their generosity in sharing their knowledge and providing me a platform to begin my musical journey in a different way than I may have ever imagined.

 I've been working at this for the past few years but everything that I've ever done brings wisdom and experience to this new adventure.  It's super exciting and quite the adventure!